Car Detailing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Car Detailers Make Many Minor Mistakes That Can Lead To Unexpected Outcomes. Check If You’re Making The Same Mistakes.

You can become an artist by knowing how to detail your car. You will never get there by simply buying the best brand in the world. You might not even realize you’re making a DIY detailing mistake if you don’t know the correct procedure. We will examine the most common mistakes made by novices when cleaning their vehicles.

Insufficient Protection

Let’s prepare ourselves before you start cleaning your car. If you have allergies to any car cleaning agent, be sure to protect yourself by wearing gloves, an apron and proper footwear.

Clay Bars

The second mistake that most detailers make is to believe that clay bars can remove scratches from the exterior of our cars. Before using clay bars, you should be clear about their purpose. Clay bars are great for removing tree sap, bird drops and stains from your exterior.

All Purpose Cleaners

All Purpose Cleaners (APCs) are a great alternative to purchasing specialized products for every part of your car. Detailmax foam-based all surface interior cleaner is used to clean the carpet. Detailers tend to spray large amounts of solution in one area, which can cause spots. Use all-purpose cleaners with caution to avoid spots. Use APCs correctly to clean your interior, not stain it.

Sealants / Wax on Trim

Sealants and waxes should not be used on your trims. Even if you do not intend to, it may accidentally get applied to your trims. The blackness will fade as a result. You can either apply the tape in the sensitive areas, or stay one inch away from the trims. If you love your car, you should always choose the best brands. Blitz Acrylic Spray Sealant is a great product that will give you a shiny finish in no-time.

Dish Soap

The most common mistake is to substitute carwashing shampoo for dishwashing liquid. Beginners may think that dishwashing liquids are used to remove oil from plates and can be used for cars.

Answer this question: If you want everything to be as clean as a plate, then why use waxes? Remember that dishwashing fluids can damage your car’s paint. The pH level of most cleaning products ranges from 0 to 6, which is non-acidic, to 7 (neutral), and 8 to 13, which is acidic. Will you use these acidic liquids on your expensive car paint? Let’s not repeat this mistake and use Car Wash Shampoos that are perfect for Car Detailing.

Microfiber Towels

Your old T-shirt is your washing towel. If so, you will not get the results that you expect from your car cleaning. Replace them with Microfiber Towels that are great for cleaning your car.

It is important to know that microfiber towels have a blend between polyester and polyamide. Blend ratios of 80:20 are ideal for multi-purpose usage and can be used for many different tasks. Microfiber towels with a GSM of 75:25 are ideal for buffing, as they have a higher density. These towels are soft and fluffy, and have a silky texture. They’re the best choice for any task.

It is important to clean Microfiber Towels or Detailing Towels. The majority of people wash them in the machine with other fabrics. Using washing powder on them can render them ineffective very quickly. The powder that is not dissolved can also damage the paint. Use Microfiber Wash Detergent instead. It is specially formulated for cleaning and caring for your microfiber towels.

Location of the Wash

In the instructions for most exterior car detailing products, you will find that they recommend not applying them in direct sunlight. The formulations can prematurely dry out under sunlight. If you do not follow the instructions the mineral deposits from hard water for example, could dry and leave marks on your paint. Although there is no specific time for washing your car, you can wash it under shade and quickly wipe the surface using chamois.

Cleaning Wheels First

Wheel cleaning is not the last, but the first thing to do. You should dry the paint before cleaning the wheels. This will prevent spots and stains. It is very likely that if you dry your paint first, and then begin cleaning your wheels, your jet spray will splash a lot of water onto the paint. You will need to wipe your paint down again and again as you splash it with water. This will add to the time it takes to wash your vehicle. You now know why it is important to wash the wheels before anything else!

Not Cleaning Detailing Accessories after use

You must have all your cleaning tools – microfiber towels and buckets, brushes, etc. – clean before you start your car wash routine. To keep them clean, make sure you clean them after each wash. It is a simple routine that is often overlooked.

Right Tools & Equipment

Don’t use any tools you find. The right equipment and tools will not only make a difference to the outcome, but also ensure a professional cleaning process for your car. Why not use the car detailing products that are available and designed for specific uses? Auto Detailing in Saint Augustine FL recommends utilizing appropriate tools and equipment to achieve the best results.

Polishing pad cleaning

It is important to keep polishing pads in good condition as they absorb compound, polishes or waxes. Before using it again, all residues should be removed. If this step is not taken, the polishing pad will become tougher due to the absorbed elements. It can also be harsh on the paint if used without cleaning. We do not want to ruin the paint of our car by letting the polishing pad fail to restore the gloss and shine.

Odour Reduction

Most car detailers tend to forget about this last mistake. All of us have sprays that remove odours and restore freshness to our cars. Have you ever noticed that the smell of your car doesn’t last long? If you answered yes, then identify the source of the odour. This can be caused by unclean carpets or leather seats that are not maintained. The odour will last longer if you eliminate the cause.


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