Muddy dogs Challenge: Advantage Jeep

According to a Jeep survey of 2,000 dog owners, Brits spend 900 hours cleaning after their dog’s mud during its life.

In a typical year, dog owners spend around one day cleaning their canine companions (23 hours), the muddy house, and the car (24 hours).

Jeep Wrangler owners have an advantage over other car owners when it comes to dirty dogs. Several plugs under the floor mats can be removed in order to drain water.

This feature is usually used for off-roading, but it can also be used to clean and drain any muddiest floor pans in preparation for your next ‘Paw X Paw Adventure.’

Jeep, inspired by the amount of time Brits spend cleaning up after their dog’s mud, has worked with soil experts from The James Hutton Institute in order to determine which dogs collect the most mud during their daily walks.

Participants were asked to walk their dogs three times with their owners and then collect the mud they had collected. The James Hutton Institute weighed the mud sample and sent it back.

Jeep’s ‘Paw X Paw” campaign celebrates those muddy adventures and finds out which dog is just as attracted to mud as Jeep.

Jeep’s motto, ‘Go Anywhere and Do Anything,’ is something that most dog owners can relate to. Especially if their four-legged friends tend to follow any trail or find every puddle, then disappear off the road.

The challenge involved 30 dogs, ranging from Chihuahuas to Great Danes and ‘wildcards,’ such as the Cockapoo or the less-known Lhasa Apso Cross.

Ollie Mo, the Yorkshire Terrier, was crowned ‘Paw X Paw Muddiest dog of the year’ in the first study of its kind.

Ollie collected more soil than any other dog. Ollie collected 14g of dirt on his walk, which is 0.29% of his weight. Evie, a Bearded Collie, came in second, containing 0.15% of its weight.

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