The Best Eco Cars Under 15K Pounds

The size of the eco-car market is difficult to estimate, especially with so many different types of vehicles represented.

The market is growing, however, and there will be more than 395,000 electric cars on UK roads today, as well as 740,000 hybrids by December 2021.

Diesel and petrol vehicles are a major contributor to climate change and damage caused by pollution.

Electric cars are known to be more expensive, but some models are available for under PS15k. Some of these include:

The Citroen DS5

Start with the Citroen DS5, a hybrid diesel-electric car that costs around PS13,500. (Or if you purchase a second hand.

The model boasts a 2.0-liter electric engine, which provides plenty of power without consuming too much fuel. The model is also very well designed and has high fuel efficiency and low emissions. It is one of the most competitive models on the market.

During testing, the vehicle achieved an official combined fuel efficiency figure of 68.9mpg with emissions of 107 g/km. A DS5 is now available, which can achieve up to 80.7mpg with 91 g/km.

The Smart Forfour

The Smart Forfour, with its fully electric engine and retail price of PS13.600, is one of the most affordable vehicles in the market.

The car has an ‘Eco mode’ that automatically limits the maximum speed in order to reduce fuel consumption.

This range of vehicles and their cars represents a significant leap forward for fourth-generation electric car technology. They boast an extremely large battery that can be recharged twice as fast as the previous model.

The Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is another excellent fully-electric vehicle and will cost buyers, on average, around PS14.700.

Independent testing has shown that the battery can last up to 239 miles on a full charge. The car can travel for a longer distance while reducing emissions. This is the main purpose of these cars.

Nissan’s EV Leaf model is a major part of the Nissan range. The innovative ePedal handles acceleration and braking for most situations. The epedalipedales speed when you press it down. When you ease off, ‘ regenerative braking’ is activated, and the battery gets charged as the car slows down.

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