What is the future of automotive paints

In an era of continuous and exponential advancement, the future of automotive paint, particularly the exterior finish, will be a surprise in every aspect.

We are now at the beginning of a new chapter.

In the meantime, while waiting for autonomous cars or all-electrics, hydrogen fuel cells, or new batteries, innovative automobile paints are playing a key role in the development of tomorrow’s vehicles with futuristic and ambitious designs.

What car paints and finishes will there be in 2050?

We may not realize just how far we have come in this field. Compare the paints used on the cars of the 1980’s and 1990’s to those that are now being produced.
The topcoat is durable and glossy, with a rich color palette.

It is unlikely that the progress will cease in 2020. The car paints are likely to become so exceptional that we will find it hard to imagine.
We would have laughed 20 years ago if someone had told us what car paint was. Let’s try it anyway!

What is the material that will be used to paint cars in the future?

The product will be environmentally friendly, contain zero solvents, and be more durable! With the European Directive 2004/42/EC, we’ve made significant progress since the 2000s in terms of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

The incorrect earth gas emissions in paints could allow them to absorb the energy from sunlight. Stardust is a photoluminescent paint that already does this.

It is not unreasonable to expect that car paints in the future will contain nanoparticles. This is already the situation with carbon nanotubes.

To capture light and not let it out.

Create ultra-hard, scratch-proof body paints. Ceramic topcoats and self-healing body topcoats are already available.

To conduct electricity through paint. Imagine an auto-paint color that changes with the push of a button.

Non-wettable, non-staining body paints.

Other paints already exist! These paints will change colors, and can show up to six colors, depending on your angle of viewing. They are chameleon, holographic, or thermochromic!

StardustColors is the leader in special effect paints. Alsa and DNA Paints are also among the top three.

What are the latest trends in car paint?

Let’s examine the interaction of three trends that have already emerged to create a coherent image of the future of the field over the next 50 Years:

The end of paint repairs with self-driving vehicles?

The future of car body repair and body painting seems to be very bleak. Electric cars do not have the mechanical parts or systems that are found in combustion engine vehicles. Above all, future self-driving cars, like the Tesla, Google’s Waymo, or General Motors Cruise, will be able to predict accidents.

Some self-driving cars have driven over a billion kilometers in just three accidents, while 94% of road crashes are the result of human error.

It is an understatement to say that human drivers are less skilled. Paint manufacturers have made great progress in the last few decades. The paints from the 80s and 90s, which were peeling and faded, will soon be a distant past. Today’s paint finishes are virtually indestructible. The body painters in the future won’t be needed anymore, and our paints will not need to be repaired.

The car makers could then afford to use more expensive and beautiful paints from the very beginning of their design process.

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